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Energy Medicine Coach


Energy is the vital, living, moving force at the foundation of our wellbeing. Energy Medicine works directly with the energies that orchestrate health, emotions, and behavior. It draws upon ancient healing and spiritual practices and adapts them for today’s high-stressed world. These workshops are fun and uplifting and will help deepen your understanding of the ways that energy medicine complements mind/body interactive framework.. You will learn how the flow of energy in the body affects health, what disturbs the flow, and how to perform a variety of techniques to enhance and balance the body’s energy flow. The demonstrations will offer a rich array of techniques you can use immediately in your own life to maximize your health and wellbeing and help others to do the same.

In her book, Donna Eden explains how a balanced energy system can help prevent illness, promote well-being, aid in self-healing of many disorders, and reduce pain.  Learn several exercises that can be done in just 1-2 minutes that are designed to maintain overall energy balance, relieve stress and reduce pain.  No reading necessary for this class. ($10 deposit is required to hold seat)

One Hour  Introduction to “Energy Medicine”

Upcoming Workshops

Learn how to keep your energies balanced by Energy Testing to measure your energy and then correct imbalances by using the 12 minute Daily Energy Routine. (Energy Medicine I and II are the most important foundation workshops and are prerequisites for most of the other Energy Medicine workshops. (It is preferable, but not mandatory to read Chapter 1 to 3 in Energy Medicine by Donna Eden) $50

Daily Energy Routine - Energy Medicine:  Part I

Introduction to Energy - Friday, July 9, 2010 @ 5:00 pm EST

Daily Energy Routine - Saturday, July 10, 2010 @ 10:00 am EST

Meridians and Acupressure Points - Saturday, July 10, 2010 @ 1:30 pm EST

Meridians are an important pathway used to transport energy. When stress hits, you can learn to rebalance meridians by testing alarm points and correcting with several methods such as tracing or holding strengthening or sedating points to avoid health issues. Learn how to stay in balance with your biorhythms 24 hour clock and how to avoid jet lag when going through time zones or working swing shifts. (It is preferable, but not mandatory to read Chapter 4 in Energy Medicine by Donna Eden) (Must take EM Part I before this workshop) $50

Most workshops are 2.5 hours long & cost $50.  A $10 deposit is required to hold your spot and is due two weeks in advance.  Please send your check to Linda Geronilla, 92 Cook Drive, Charleston, WV 25314. Up to date schedule of all classes can be found on 'Dr. Linda's Upcoming Events' Calendar on the Schedule page


It is better to buy the book Energy Medicine by Donna Eden (or other books listed) and bring the book to class, as we may refer to specific pages. It is suggested that you read the assigned chapters before coming to the lecture, but it is not mandatory. Come with a list of questions.

Books can be bought at Wildflowers Book Store at a 10% discount.  

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Meridians and Acupressure Points  - Energy Medicine:  Part 2


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