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With more than 30 years of experience, 3 college degrees, and a number of  specialty certifications, Dr. Linda Geronilla can teach you natural self-healing energy techniques to improve your health and well being. 

Dr. Linda Geronilla

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726 Sonny Boy LaneJohns IslandSC 29455, United States

More than twenty years ago when I was in chronic pain with a herniated disc, I began studying the healing systems of other cultures to find pain relief in natural ways. I achieved it and have maintained being pain free for over 10 years. Grateful for the knowledge of natural methods of alleviating pain and suffering found in both Eastern and Western Medicine, I have dedicated my life to sharing this good news with others. 

I am a Holistic Psychologist and Energy Medicine Coach with degrees and certifications specializing in the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of health and wellness and have 30 years as a psychologist. With the understanding that physical and mental stress can be balanced, I teach people Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology techniques to achieve a healthy and joyful lifestyle.

As well as doing research to show the effectiveness of complementary and integrative medicine, I love being a mentor for motivated people by means of individual, couple, and family therapy, telephone coaching, teleconferencing with Skype, and lecturing for groups or businesses.  Call me for a free phone consultation to determine our compatibility (304- 342-2260).

Energy Medicine Coach
  • Reduce stress, headaches, and physical pain
  • Improve sleep, memory, and immune system
  • Increase energy, performance, peace, happiness, and joy
  • Enhance personal and professional relationships 
  • Improve mental conditions (such as fear,     anxiety, panic depression, sadness, anger, grief,     hurt, guilt, ADD, self-   sabotaging, shame, and    trauma)